Venetian Blind


Venetian Blind

Venetian Blind

Technical Specifications

  • Free gear system - Connection to the Tilter Wand is of ''Free Gear System''. This prevents breakage even the gear wand is twisted to the maximum.

  • Colour CO-ORDINATED - Pull cord & Ladder Tape, Top & Bottom cap and Tassel are colour co-ordinated with the head and bottom rail.

  • Tracking system - A) Top track are constructed of 26mm x 25mm high x 0.5mm thick finished with a high quality baked enamel coating.                                                                                                             B) Bottom Track are constructed of oval shape 0.5mm thick finished with a high quality enamel coating. 

  • Ladder Tape - The slat have to pass through the middle of Ladder Tape thus hold the slats firmly at all times.

  • Tilter Wand - Adjust the slat angle to close & open and shall be made of translecence polycabonate.

  • Tilter - Completed with ''Free System''


  • Control Room / Brightness - Slats can be rotated from 0 - 180 varying the admission of sunray, hence changing the brightness and ambience of the room from time to time. Without direct contact with sunray will eliminate harmful ultra violet rays.

  • Protect privacy - The degree of privacy can be achieved by varying the slats angle, without compromise the clear and subdued outside view.

  • Energy Saving - The reflective aluminium surface of the slats can eliminates about 80% - 90% direct sunray. Thus rejecting its heat from extering the room. Depending on the number of windows, energy savings on air-conditioner can be as high as 40%.

  • Easy Maintenance - The curved slats surface reduces dust collection, dust can be easily wiped off by a piece of clean damp cloth.

  • Always Looking New - High gloss finish of slats with high grade sun-fastness spray paint used, ensure its new look even after long term usage.

  • Wide Range Of Colours - about 50 colours to choose from, to provide the required thermal comfort level.

  • Variety of Slat Width - Available slats width : 16mm, 25mm, 28mm and 50mm.

  • Option of System - Different user friendly blind system are available to suit your needs.

  • Easy installation - Flexible installation method, including odd shapes and in different kind of building.

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