Gyproc Gypsum Board


Gyproc Gypsum Board

Gyproc Gypsum Board

A standard gypsum board, Gyproc® TopLine is made to be used universally in wall partitions, wall linings and even ceiling systems.

Encased in, and bonded firmly to, strong paper liners, Gyproc® BaseLine® has an aerated gypsum core and contains non-combustible material giving it excellent thermal insulation characteristics.

Key Facts

  • Lightweight

  • Class O material

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Ideal for curved wall installation

  • Easy to decorate with paint, tiles, wallpapers and other finishing products

  • Crack free

  • Highly flexible


Gyproc Topline is ideally used for interior walls, but can also be used for ceiling system with normal specified conditions

Its applications include:

  • ​    Wall Partitions

  •     Wall Linings

  •     Ceiling Systems


  • 8 feet x 4 feet x 9mm
  • 9 feet x 4 feet x 9mm
  • 8 feet x 4 feet x 12mm
  • 9 feet x 4 feet x 12mm
  • 10 feet x 4 feet x 12mm

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